Water is LIFE!
The project "Water Is Life" was realized by students from Xth "B" form - Valentin Tean, Vitalie Beleniuc, Valeria Paiu guided by their teacher Irina Mutruc, Ion Creanga High School, within the international project Global Issues: Environment Learning Circle 2 (Middle/High School) proposed on iEarn network (140 countries, 30 languages, 50,000 educators, 2 million youth). The main goal of the circle is to allow students to discuss a broad range of environmental social, political, and economic issues with concern and affect the Earth's entire population.
The main source of life is water that's why we think it is primary to pay attention to its protection. The idea of the project is to analyse the situation of water pollution in our country and in our partners' countries, to state some clear facts about what it is done and what should be done to avoid water pollution.
Great thanks to our partners, students from Mountain View Middle School, Mendham NJ, USA, for their contribution and the submitted information trying to reflect the same issue in their country.