Ordin teze 2018-2019

Dorești să afli orarul tezelor semestriale din anul școlar 2018-2019? Fă click pe titlu pentru a vedea toate informațiile necesare.

Face Club

We invite the best English Language Learners to visit and take part in the Face Club, which is held at our Lyceum each Thursday at 15-30 and Friday at 13-00. The Face Club is conducted by Peace Corps Volunteers Joey Fordyce and Madeline Mcgrath. Enjoy your time practicing English! See more photos here!

Water is LIFE! – iEarn Project made by Xth „B” form

[EN] The project „Water Is Life” was realized by students from Xth „B” form – Valentin Tean, Vitalie Beleniuc, Valeria Paiu guided by their teacher Irina Mutruc, Ion Creanga High School, within the international project Global Issues: Environment Learning Circle 2 (Middle/High School) proposed on iEarn network (140 countries, 30 languages, 50.000 educators, 2 million […]